Are your products gluten-free?

We do our best to source materials that are able to provide a certificate of being gluten free. However, for customers with gluten sensitivities we cannot guarantee that the raw materials and ingredients we use are 100% gluten free.

 How do your product sizes correspond to length of use?

On average our 30ml and 50ml products last 30-40 days with daily use, and our 100ml products last 60 days with daily use. Our travel sized 10ml and 15ml products last 10-14 days with daily use. Of course, this depends on the product dosage used daily.

All of our products have a PAO (Period-After-Opening) symbol located on its respective unit carton, which can be referenced for specific shelf lives after first use.


SPF— We do not carry any products with a conventional SPF. We have however included natural oils such as Red Raspberry Seed Oil and Carrot Seed Oil in two of our products. They are known to have a natural SPF between 28 and 50, and 38 and 40 respectively.


We strive to use 100% organic materials and ingredients whenever possible (certified by EcoCert). So, while all of our products are 100% natural, we cannot say that they are all certified 100% organic because not every natural ingredient can be certified organic—such as, fermentations, biotechnology, and other powerful natural ingredients. We do only purchase ingredients from suppliers that use environmentally friendly practices.

Professional Program

We do not currently offer a professional program however we are hoping to build and develop one in the future.  We can connect professional make up artists and estheticians with our PR team for sampling opportunities.

Formulations & Manufacturing

We have partnered with a recognized luxury personal care manufacturer who has been in business since 1990. They are an Ecocert-certified manufacturer who specializes in the production of custom natural products using superior ingredients from suppliers worldwide who share our belief in the benefits of botanicals and clean, safe formulas.

Our formulations feature nature's most precious therapeutic ingredients and essential oils, many of which are exclusive to our manufacturing. Derived from plant material according to the most advanced technological methods, these ingredients revitalize, repair, replenish, moisturize, soothe, nourish, detoxify, soften, penetrate, protect, and transform the skin—naturally. We do not use parabens, sulfates, petrochemicals, synthetic fragrances, synthetic colors, or other harsh ingredients in our formulas. We do not test on animals.