Skincare is more than defying age

We approach skin care differently, by crafting formulas with ingredients that have only positive effects on your skin. First and foremost we focus on what is needed to nourish, protect and support what your skin is design to do naturally. Why? Because when your skin functions as it should, it looks and acts younger.

We believe skin care is more than defying age. If you are a woman (or man) of color, your skin ages differently—likely showing fewer lines and less wrinkles. Your melanin is a gift, and your skin care regimen should take this into account.

NATIVSK/N is plant-based skincare that changes the way women of color care for their beautifully pigmented skin. We craft skincare with certified-organic ingredients, that is on the cutting edge of science, and formulated specifically for medium to highly-pigmented skin tones.

Nativskin-Marula Serum.jpg


  • Product formulas are 100% plant-derived and have up to 80% organic ingredients
  • Natural preservatives ensure potency and stability of plant actives, but don’t irritate the skin
  • We look to the power of nature and the plant world to nourish, educate, heal and delight us


  • Our products are designed with an herbalist and chemist, and redefine skincare formulations to address the beauty and well-being needs of women of with darker skin tones. Product formulas take into consideration the genetic make-up and cultural practices typically overlooked by most other skin care regimens
  • A proprietary plant complex is the best way to manage PIH (post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation) and get a smooth and even complexion at any age. Ingredient effectiveness is measured through clinical trials and research results
  • We craft products that are inspired by ancient wisdom and traditional uses of medicinal plants, and live up to their promises as the most effective and gentle way to correct discoloration and dark marks

Meets modern needs

  • We use traditional ingredients in the service of modern women with olive to deep-brown complexions—women we believe need and deserve quality products that address their skin health gently and effectively
  • We shift the thinking away from anti-aging to focus instead on what really matters for women with beautifully-pigmented skin tones: skin that functions properly is the pathway to radiance and a youthful looking complexion