Product information & care


Our objective is to use ingredients that are safe and skin-beneficial, including those that make up our advanced plant-derived preservative systems. We’ve made every effort to ensure the stability and potency of our formulas.

  • Our products are packaged in violet glass to filter out the damaging range of light allowing only the beneficial light to penetrate.
  • We use bottles with treatment pumps and spray pump to minimize the products’ exposure to air and bacteria.
  • We suggest you store your products in a cool, dark place.

shelf life

We recommend using our products within 6 months. Beyond 6 months the products won’t necessarily go bad, however, the potency will not be as effective. Our products have been tested for a shelf life of 1 year unopened and 6 months opened. If you find that your product has an unusual smell or if you see discoloration, do not be alarmed; our natural formulas are delicate and can be affected by exposure to air and other contaminants. These instances are rare and we will be happy to replace your product.